can we just take a moment to appreciate the precious motherfucker that is Equius?

I fuckin love equius

I have to say something here, because this relationship is seriously my OTP and jesus CHRIST I don’t think people quite understand how important Nepeta really is to him. Meowrails aside, look at these two lines. This is a guy who takes the spectrum incredibly seriously, who understands that there IS such a thing as class compatibility and who knows WITHOUT A FUCKING DOUBT that he will outlive his moirail by a LONG shot. That last line? That is something that is on his mind A LOT. Because he has to be aware of what life will be like without her one day. Even with the game changing a LOT of stuff, it didn’t change THAT. And it scares the SHIT out of him, look at his expression, even the talksprite shows he’s honestly worried and scared about losing her.

And his saying he’s been lucky? Do you guys understand that Equius is CONSTANTLY in a state of tension? he is CONSTANTLY angry or frustrated or irritated about something. and Nepeta is the one who keeps him cool and helps him vent, even when he’s too damn stubborn to. She can somehow actually make him talk and calm down. She is the ONLY ONE of the twelve who treats him like he’s just another troll, rather than a highblood or an irritant or a joke, except MAYBE for Fef, but I don’t think we ever seen Fef and Equius ever talk (I could be wrong, if I am please correct me).

She is the ONLY TROLL HE KNOWS who treats him as an equal, respects him, TRUSTS HIM enough to be in close quarters with him, let ALONE actually touch him (tacklepounces, anyone?) and he doesn’t have to go down under those, he could just stand there an let her cling or bounce off but he DOESN’T he lets her take him to the floor because she is the ONLY ONE who will ever actually treat him like he’s NORMAL.

So yes. He feels incredibly lucky to have her in a quadrant. And he is scared as HELL about what he’s going to do when she’s not around anymore.

There’s a reason I will ship these two as materails all the way to hell.